Evansville Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

It's a common scenario throughout Evansville and across the country. A couple goes out for a night on the town. After a few drinks, tempers flare and before you know it, an argument turns into a fistfight. More often than not, one or both parties end up in jail, facing criminal charges of domestic violence.

Although you and your partner know that your confrontation was a misunderstanding and a mistake, a one-time issue; however, the judge and the prosecution will likely see things differently.

Don't let a criminal charge ruin your life. Attorney Ivan Arnaez will fight to clear your name and see that you don't pay for a one-time mistake.

Serious Charges Require Representation From A Serious Trial Lawyer

A domestic violence charge is a serious crime that can land you in jail, show up on a background check and prevent you from getting a job, and ultimately have a negative effect on your life.

Whether you are married, divorced, separated or dating, domestic violence often happens between men and women involved in a family relationship. Whether accusations of intimidation, stalking, verbal abuse or physical violence resulted in your arrest, you want a devoted legal advocate who will aggressively fight for you against accusations and misdirected bias. Although protections for abused individuals are important and necessary, these types of accusations are often misused by alleged victims and their attorneys. By making accusations of domestic violence, a man or woman can have his or her significant other arrested, removed from the home, petitioned for a restraining order, and potentially influence the outcome of a divorce, child custody proceedings or other legal matter.

Contact A Local Indiana Attorney Who Will Fight For You

The simple fact is that after an arrest for domestic violence or another type of violent crime, you need legal representation. The attorney you choose makes a difference. At Arnaez Law Office, you can secure counsel from a lawyer who genuinely cares whether his clients come away with a victory.

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