Felony And Misdemeanor Charges In Evansville

It's a fact bad things can happen to good people. Whether you had too much to drink like an idiot and were stopped for a DUI, or an argument got out of hand because you have a big mouth and would not let it go, contact attorney Ivan Arnaez to work toward not having to pay for it the rest of your life.

Straight Talk from a Local Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you face a criminal accusation or if you have already been arrested, the most important call you can make is contacting Ivan Arnaez. Mr. Arnaez will work one-on-one with you throughout the entire process. From listening to your side of the story, working toward plea agreements or expungements, or taking the fight to the prosecution during trial, Mr. Arnaez will be your voice and fight toward a second lease on life.

Some of the criminal charges Mr. Arnaez helps clients address include:

-Drunk driving
-Drug charges, including possession and distribution
-Burglary and theft
-Domestic violence and abuse
-Sex Crimes
-Rape Charges
-All types of violent crime
-Anything that will turn you into a felon.

When you find yourself in jail, call Attorney Ivan Arnaez. When you call, he will answer. If you pay he will show up and fight for your rights.

Real-World Solutions and Practical Legal Advise

After an arrest, you don't need your lawyer to tell you what you want to hear. Attorney Ivan Arnaez will give you honest, straightforward counsel so you know exactly where you stand. With a realistic plan in place, you can take immediate action to protect yourself moving forward.

Time is of the essence in criminal matters. If you suspect you are in trouble, have been approached by the police, or have been arrested for a crime, contact Arnaez Law Office in Evansville, Indiana, and secure experienced, committed and professional criminal defense representation from an attorney who will do everything he can to help free you.

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