Evansville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Face it, you know you are in trouble. Maybe you have been arrested. You are facing criminal charges. Maybe you heard a whisper in the wind that you have attracted the wrong attention. Get ready if any of that is the case. You do not need to be arrested or wonder if you will be to know what is coming.

Ivan Arnaez is a trial lawyer who understands the stress and uncertainty people feel when facing criminal charges. He will work directly with you, offer honest, straightforward advice, and go to trial and fight hard for your best interests.

Ivan Arnaez actually gives a damn about his clients. You will see that in everything he does.

An Attorney Who Will Fight For You

When you need legal representation, you want an attorney who listens to you, answers your calls, understands the law, and knows how to try a case aggressively.

Attorney Ivan Arnaez understands you do not have time to waste. He doesn't either. That is why he works hard the minute you hire him. As his client, you will get his personal cell number. No matter the charges or the circumstances of your case, he will gather all the facts, listen to your needs, and exhaust every step to try to keep you out of prison.

Just a few of the types of criminal cases Ivan Arnaez handles include:

  • All violent crimes
  • All drug charges
  • Burglary and theft
  • Sex crimes
  • Expungement
  • Anything that may send you to the penitentiary

A Serious Attorney Defending Clients Accused of Serious Crimes

If you have been arrested or soon will be, you already know you are facing serious consequences. Going to prison is never a small matter. In fact it can be dangerous. What you do not have to do is roll over and accept it. You have rights, and with a lawyer, you stand a good chance of fighting for your freedom.

Whether tirelessly preparing for trial, negotiating an agreement with the prosecution or working toward an expungement to clear your record, Ivan Arnaez always puts you first.

Call Indiana defense attorney Ivan Arnaez and learn how he can help you. Dial 812-618-4862 or fill out an online contact form. When you fill out the contact form always include your cell number.